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By Tina — 5 of 5 stars — Jun 07, 11

I volunteer at a local elementary school. These 1st graders can be a bit…well, squirrely. I have been fortunate enough to know Brenda for many years and received a copy of this book. LOVE IT! I took it to the school with me on my volunteer day. All three 1st grade classes loved it! When the kid… …more

By Roxane — 5 of 5 stars — Jun 07, 11

I’m Squirrley is a charming children’s book that most young kids “squirrley” or not, would find very entertaining!

By Desiree — 5 of 5 stars — Oct 06, 11

“I’m Squirrely” is the first book in a series written by new author Brenda Lochinger. The book introduces children to a wiggly and adorable Squirrel that won’t stand still. He is constantly moving and his mind is going one-hundred and two miles per hour. This makes simple tasks like getting dres… …more

By Mymcbooks — 5 of 5 stars — Oct 27, 11

My Review: In this book, the author introduces us to Squirrely who gets distracted easily as he likes to run, laugh and play. He is constantly moving and grooving without freezing. He finds it hard to sit still as he has so much going on in his mind even when it comes to bedtime he just sit and t… …more

By Lindsay — 4 of 5 stars — Jan 16, 16

I received this book from the author. I read it and it was every cute and funny. I rhymes every so often. The story tell about how he is named “I’m Squirrely”.  I love how the pictures are funny to look at and the story itself is funny. I was laughing almost every time I… …more

By Alicia — 4 of 5 stars — Aug 03, 14

I’m Squirrely! is a charming book with adorable illustrations, of a young squirrel that wiggles a lot. Squirrely is a young fella with ADHD. Sqirrely gives us insight of what it is like to have ADHD. Their minds race onto something new before they can even focus on their first thought. Brenda has… …more

By Krista — 5 of 5 stars — Jun 15, 12

This is the cutest book, I have a child that suffers from ADHD and this book was fantastic for her. Or any child, Squirrely loves to wiggle, be himself and everyone loves him for him! What a wonderful way to tell your kids not everyone is the same, not fitting in the “mold” is too be embraced. Yo… …more

By Daniele — 5 of 5 stars — May 10, 11

I got ‘I’m Squirrely’ for my daughter’s Easter basket and she LOVED IT! The first time, I read it with her. She really enjoyed the illustrations and the entire story. I could tell by her comments that she was relating to the story. As soon as we got done reading she said: “This is a really great… …more

By Chris — 5 of 5 stars — Aug 18, 11

As a school librarian, I loved this book. The story plot was believable, and the illustrations gave the humorous text an added pleasure. I can’t wait for the next one from this up and coming author for children.

By Julie — 4 of 5 stars — May 11, 12

I’m Squirrely by Brenda Lochinger ~ Illustrated very colorful children’s book. Rhyming every two sentences per page the squirrel tells us and shows us about squirrel things as if he is a person that goes to school and has to get dressed himself and other daily activities.

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